Ninang's Cremation
8:00 p.m., 18 July 2004

Loyola Memorial Chapels, Guadalupe, Makati


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Tina and Weng in background, Anica and relatives in foreground

Tina and Weng (Mama's nurse)

Pico and Anica of Maricris and Ogie
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Bernadette and Dindo with Lormie's daughter, Victoria Maria, in between Ninong Quintin, Pico, Boyet and Nat, Jaypee; Gary, Dindo and Victoria Maria This time with Anica, Maricris' apo.
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Angel, Lormie and Kaka Eddie not paying attention

That's better!

Beautiful flowers! from Mama Rudi
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Cremation Day as we were praying the rosary.

Prayers were offered....

Serious prayer.

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Hail Mary, full of grace.... Holy Mary, Mother of God... Boogie, first year college ADMU
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