Ninang's Wake
17 July 2004

Loyola Memorial Chapels, Guadalupe, Makati

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Takaw! Food kept on arriving with every visitor! Pancit Luglog  Sta Ana with Chicharon bulaklak as garnish. Auntie Baby's back, Ogie, Jennifer of Ate Becky and others. Lady in purple is Dra. Isaac, Mama's doctor Ramon with Bonbon and Kevin in the background
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Auntie Ninit Cabarrus Auntie Baby Perez Kaka Eddie with a big grin!
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Showing off his new teeth! Ramon and Beth in the smoking corner Charming Karen with a baby in the tummy
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Karen's husband Arjay Cabezon Whose hair is longer!? Exotic beauty...Sam!
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Ang tatlong itlog!!! Kulang nalang...numero! Another headlight!
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