Ninang's Wake
17 July 2004

Loyola Memorial Chapels, Guadalupe, Makati

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Ninong, Kaka Eddie and relatives (like Rudi, Lois, Emon) listen ... ... as our Visayan priest gives the homily with style. Ogie, Karen, Arjay and Ate Lily
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Ate Didi and Ronald

Rudi, Mario, Vic, and Bonbon after the mass

Bon, someone, another, and Kaka Eddie
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The Orobias Ate Didi, Maricris, Jennifer and other children of Becky Her doctor viewing Ninang
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Litlit, Sandi, Kyna and Matt; Danny, Melissa and Sam, ribbon of Eddie and Lily, children and grandchildren Kaka Little Boy's big family... Big Dad's, Kaka Eddie's and Ate Marissa's
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Ninang blessed with holy water. Medy and Bon beside Ninang Hindi...nougat yon.
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