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Execom Meeting
July 24, 2015


ADDHS'66 Executive Committee of the Board Meets,
July 24, 2015

by Mario Feranil

The Executive Committee (ExeCom) of the ADDHS'66 Board met last July 24, 2015 at the office of Harry Lopez at Villa Abrille St., Davao City. The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm activities to be held during the class' golden jubilee in 2016. In attendance were the ExeCom members: Boy Angeles, Hiram Cunanan, Bebot Hioca, Clod Lizada, and Nene Uy. Mario Feranil was invited to attend to represent section A.

The ExeCom will suggest to the general membership that the reunion activities be held during the Kadayawan week in 2016. In particular, this will be held few days preceding the main Kadayawan activities (of street dancing and the floral parade) or around August 12-15, 2016. August was selected as the celebration week to coincide with the Kadayawan festivities and to allow class members from outside Davao City to attend. The plan to hold the celebration in December during the Ateneo general reunion was not approved since it was felt that class members may not want to be away from their families during the Christmas season. A smaller get-together will still be held in December for class members who will be attending the general Ateneo reunion.

Boy Dizon in an earlier event had volunteered to host a dinner for the class (with "litsong baka") during the reunion week and Jore Lacuesta agreed to an event in his resort in Buda. Other activities which may be carried out include Holy Mass and tour of the current high school campus in Matina and special interest activities which may be organized and undertaken and hosted separately by class members, e.g. fishing trip, golf game, etc.

Boy Angeles agreed to oversee the reunion week activities. Harry Lopez will host a general assembly of the class on August 10, 2016.

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